Trader Joe's Just Unveiled All the Best Thanksgiving Foods Coming To Stores

On Nov. 6, Trader Joe's officially released its guide to all of the Thanksgiving foods that customers will be able to score this season.

Thanksgiving staples like turkey and sides are included, as well as some brand-new goods and more unusual surprises. 

While shoppers can find the full list of Thanksgiving delicacies on Trader Joe's website, we've compiled a list of some of the notable products that are on their way to stores or have already arrived.

Turkeys in their entirety Roasting whole turkeys is a traditional Thanksgiving tradition, and Trader Joe's will soon have three distinct varieties of never-frozen birds for customers to pick from.

An Outstanding Boxed Turkey Gravy If you don't have the time or inclination to create homemade gravy this Thanksgiving, Trader Joe's has you covered. Turkey Gravy in 17.6-ounce containers costs $1.49 at the grocer.

Various Stuffing Options Customers can find a pre-made Cornbread Stuffing in the refrigerated department, which includes sweet cornbread croutons, dried cranberries, roasted apples, and many aromatic herbs.

Bone-in Half Turkey Breast Brined Trader Joe's Brined Bone-In Half Turkey Breast is prepared by marinating the chicken in a fragrant brine, searing it till golden brown, and then cooking it low and slow with the sous-vide method.

Sweet Potato Mashed from Frozen Trader Joe's now sells frozen packs of Mashed Sweet Potatoes for buyers hoping to shave a few steps out of their Thanksgiving prep labor.

This year, Trader Joe's has added a fresh twist to its fan-favorite Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread to its holiday roster.

Trader Joe's is bringing back a particularly special cheese this season, which is great news for those who intend to offer charcuterie boards before dinner this Thanksgiving.

To begin, the shop is reintroducing their seasonal Fresh Cranberry Sauce, which is created with only three ingredients: fresh cranberries, sugar, and water.

The Pumpkin Pie from the shop has a spicy, custardy filling made with fresh pumpkin purée cooked inside a flaky crust. This season, customers can get these nine-inch pies for $6.99 in Trader Joe's baked goods section.

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