Top 7 Hair Straightening Treatments

Brazilian Keratin: 

A keratin-rich mixture is applied to your hair and sealed with heat in this popular treatment. It reduces frizz, curl, and makes hair easier to handle. 

Japanese Hair 

Chemically straightening hair with Japanese hair straightening is long-lasting. The therapy can last months or until new hair develops.

Using chemicals 

Relaxers and perms are chemical straightening procedures. These treatments straighten hair by breaking down its natural curl 

Ionic Hair : 

Negative ions in ionic hair straighteners neutralize positive ions, eliminating frizz and smoothing hair. 

Hair Blowouts

These treatments temporarily straighten hair with heat, blow-drying, and flat ironing.

Hot Combs

Traditional hair straightening uses heated metal or ceramic combs or presses.

DIY Hair Straightener

Coconut milk, olive oil, and aloe vera can be used to make DIY hair masks to temporarily straighten and condition hair.

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