Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Honolulu, Hawaii


Waikiki Beach

Relaxation and surfing are two things that come to mind when Waikiki neighborhood and its beach are mentioned.

2: Pearl Harbor

Santa Barbara, California, is a great place for lovers at any stage of their relationship to have fun in the sun.

3: Manoa Falls

Grab your water shoes and some insect repellent and that's about all you'll need besides your swimming suit and camera if you're going to Manoa Falls.

4: Sunset Beach

This isn't the place for a beginner surfer because the waves are too strong for anyone who isn't close to a pro.

5: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

This cemetery sits on a majority of the crater here and memorializes all the veterans who served and/or gave their lives for their country.

6: Iolani Palace

This palace tells the story of Hawaii's last monarchs, King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.

7: Waimea Bay

This is another surfing oasis, but perhaps that's just an Oahu thing in general, as many beaches seem to be the perfect place to catch those treasured 30-foot waves.

8: Diamond Head State Monument

300,000 years ago this crater was created by a volcanic eruption and today it provides hiking, sightseeing and plenty of parks and gardens to its visitors.

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