My Biggest Skincare Mistakes

1. Over-Exfoliating

In my pursuit of silky, radiant skin, I overused physical and chemical exfoliants, resulting in irritation and a compromised skin barrier.

2. Skipping Sunscreen

I used to believe that sunscreen was only necessary for beach days, so I ignored it on a daily basis. This caused premature aging and increased skin damage risk.

3. Using Too Many Products

At one point, my skincare routine consisted of over ten phases, including a number of serums and treatments. This led to product excess and did not produce the desired results.

4. Ignoring Skin Type

I used popular or highly rated products without contemplating whether or not they were suitable for my skin type. This frequently resulted in acne or dehydration.

5. Popping Pimples

I was unable to control my impatience, and I would burst pimples as soon as they appeared. This not only spread bacteria but also lead to scarring.

6. Not Patch Testing

I frequently used new products without conducting patch tests, resulting in allergic reactions and skin irritations.

7. Ignoring the Neck and Décolletage

I neglected my neck and décolleté, which are also prone to withering and require care, because I was solely concerned with my face.

8. Using Harsh Cleansers

In an attempt to eliminate acne, I used cleansers that were too harsh and robbed my skin of its natural oils, exacerbating the condition.

9. Inconsistent Routine

I frequently skipped stages in my skincare routine or frequently switched products, which did not provide my skin with the consistency.

10. Not Consulting Professionals

For persistent skin issues, I relied solely on internet advice and never consulted a dermatologist, resulting in protracted problems and ineffective treatments.


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