McDonald's Will Be Offering Major Savings On These Items Next Week

Summer was long and scorching. Back-to-school season is coming, and McDonald's is ready to help you celebrate getting the kids back 

to school. On the menu? A weekly discount schedule to keep you at Mickey D's. You can even gain extra credit.

To start Syllabus Week on Monday, August 15, get a McChicken for $1.01. Tuesday's Chicken or Sausage McGriddle and Large Coffee are 

$2.01, while Wednesday's McNuggets are $3.01. To end the week, get McDonald's Big Mac and Medium Fries for $4.01.

Only McDonald's app users can get the promotion. You'll also receive a "perfect attendance" incentive of double MyMcDonald's Rewards 

bonus points on your next order between August 22 and 31 if you take advantage of all four discounts. Good students earn money!

According to a recent announcement, McDonald's would soon alter its discount menu by location and provide digital specials like this one.

 "You have to think about value in a targeted way," CEO Chris Kempczinski said on a July 26 earnings call. "As we go digital, items 

have different elasticities in different regions. We can give value more precisely, which excites me."

It may still offer deals like 2 for $6 or Buy One Get One, but the burger company plans to tailor the customer experience and give its franchisees

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