How to clean your makeup brushes

Get Your Brushes: 

Get all the brushes you wish to clean. Place them on a clean surface.

Rinse brushes: 

To avoid water entering the ferrule, hold your brushes downward at an angle and run lukewarm water over them. Wash till clear.

Cleaning Solution:

Pour warm water into a shallow bowl and add a little light liquid soap or brush cleanser. Swirl water to make soap.

Clean Brushes: 

Dip each brush into soapy water without immersing it. To lather, gently swirl the brush in your palm or over a brush cleaning pad.

Thoroughly rinse: 

Rewash the brush in lukewarm water, gently reshaping the bristles to remove soap residue. Rinse until water runs clear

excess water: 

Squeeze the bristles with your fingers to drain water. Avoid twisting or pulling bristles to harm or loosen them.

Re shape the brush: 

Return the brush to its natural shape with your fingertips. Distribute bristles evenly.

Flatten to dry: 

Lay brushes flat on a clean towel or paper towels to air-dry. Avoid touching brushes to prevent damage and retain form.

Cleaning Often: 

Cleaning foundation and concealer brushes every 1-2 weeks and eyeshadow and other brushes every 2-4 weeks is ideal.

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