9 Hair Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Waves on beach

Beachy waves are summer staples. Loose waves offer you a sun-kissed look with short or long hair.

Balayage: Sunkissed

For a beach-fresh look, try balayage with softer, sun-kissed highlights.

Bright and pastel:

Bright and pastel hair colors are popular in summer. Consider coral, pastel pink, electric blue, and cheerful yellow.

Wet-look Hairstyles:

The wet hair trend returns. This shiny design gives a fresh-out-of-the-pool look.

Braided Headbands:

Summer bohemian style with braided headbands. Wear them with ponytails or loose waves.

Short Pixie Cuts:

Short, low-maintenance pixie cuts keep you cool throughout summer. Add texture or vivid colors to stand out.

High ponytails:

Fashionable high ponytails keep hair off your neck on hot summer days. You can make them sleek or volumized for drama.

Bun Styles:

Summer favorites include messy buns, top knots, and low buns. They're easy to make and dress up or down.

Lots of Accessories:

Scrunchies, hairpins, and scarves are back. They add color and playfulness to your hairstyle.

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