9 Best Winter 2023 Hair Trends to Try, According to Expert

Rich Brunette:

Winter is likely to favor dark brunettes like espresso and chocolate brown. These colors add dimension and warmth to hair.

Cold Blonde

For cooler, colder tones, ice blonde and silver are trending.

Warm Reds:

Cinnamon and auburn reds can brighten your winter style.

Highlights caramel

Caramel highlights are adaptable for adding dimension and a sun-kissed look to winter hair.


A delicate, natural glow is achieved with face-framing highlights that accentuate your features.

Blunt cuts:

Blunt bobs and long hairstyles are elegant for winter. Their lines are crisp and polished.

Layers with texture:

Textured layers give hair movement and volume. They suit different hair kinds and lengths.

Hair Accessories

Scarves, headbands, and hairpins look beautiful in winter. They keep you warm and improve your style.

Deep Sides:

Deep side parts are a simple but powerful style modification. They may bring drama and elegance to any haircut.

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