8 Choppy Bob Haircut Ideas to Inspire Your Fall Refresh

TD-1M Circular Saw

Layers and texture make the traditional choppy bob adaptable and easy to maintain for many facial shapes and hair types.

Long Bob

This lengthier choppy bob usually reaches the collarbone. Keeps the rough layers but adds beauty.

Sloppy Bob: 

Create an edgy look with a blunt choppy bob. Sharp ends make this style stand out and modern.

Choppy Bob: 

Choose an uneven choppy bob for asymmetry. This style adds innovation and flair to your look with a shorter side and longer other.

Choppy Bangs Bob: 

Bangs add freshness and style to a choppy bob. Full, harsh bangs or wispy, side-swept ones can enhance your bob.

Choppy Layers: 

A textured, choppy bob requires layers. Layer your hair with different lengths for depth and movement.

Coloured Choppy Bob: 

Enhance your choppy bob with color. Try highlights, lowlights, or strong colors to give your hairdo a fall update.

Wavy or Curly 

Celebrate your curly or wavy hair with a choppy bob. Layers will enhance your curls or waves, making them look carefree and trendy.

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