7 'Unstylish' Haircuts That Instantly Age Women Over 40

Unstylish Haircuts

While beauty and style are subjective and personal choices, some haircuts are often considered to be less modern and can inadvertently age women over 40.

1. The "Mom Bob"

This short, all-one-length bob can look dated and may not flatter all face shapes.

2. Blunt Bangs

Blunt, straight-across bangs can be harsh and draw attention to fine lines on the forehead.

3. Long and Shapeless

Long, shapeless hair can drag down your face and make you look older.

4. Tight Curls and Perms

Overly tight curls or perms can look dated and add years to your appearance.

5. The Mullet

The mullet, with its "business in the front, party in the back" philosophy, is often considered outdated.

6. Helmet Hair

Overstyled, stiff hair that looks like it won't move in a windstorm can age you.

7. Outdated Highlights

Chunky, contrasting highlights can look unnatural and draw attention to skin imperfections.


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