7 Insta-Ready Undercut Pixie Bob Ideas

Classic Undercut

This style has a shorter undercut on one or both sides and longer top and front hair in a pixie bob shape.

Textured Undercut

Layer and texturize your undercut pixie bob for a messy, effortless appearance.

Asymmetrical Undercut

Make one side of your pixie bob shorter and the other longer for an asymmetrical effect. A sharp undercut on the shorter side adds edge.

Designs undercut

Add creative flair to your undercut by shaving designs or patterns.

Colored Undercut

Add color to your undercut pixie bob. Use bright or pastel colors to make your hairstyle stand out.


Make a statement with bangs in your undercut pixie bob. Choose blunt, choppy, or side-swept bangs for your style.

Undercut Pixie Bob

Add beauty and flair to your undercut pixie hairstyle with hairpins, barrettes, or headbands.

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