6 Common Household Items Crawling With Germs

With cold and flu season almost in full force, it's imperative to do everything you can to stay as healthy as possible. But alas, germs are lurking everywhere—even in places you may not expect.

After a long day at work and commuting home via the subway, bus, or car, all you want to do is wash off, and, well, not be in yet another germy environment.

To ensure your home stays as fresh as it can be, routine cleaning—a minimum of once a week with water, soap, and scrubbing—is the name of the game. 

Keep in mind that disinfecting items and surfaces with bleach or other types of disinfectants can help kill bacteria or viruses as well.

Dish Sponges

Salmonella and other bacteria grow and survive better in sponges than in brushes, the reason is that sponges in daily use never dry up.

Kitchen Towels

The kitchen should be a clean space—After all, it's where you prepare all of your meals!—but there are seemingly many germs hanging out there under the radar.

Kitchen Sink

Since we've already addressed dish sponges and kitchen rags, it shouldn't come as a major shock to hear that your kitchen sink is also full of bacteria.

Toothbrush Holder

Many products associated with cleanliness, ironically, are not really sanitary. Don't worry, but your toothbrush holder—and toothbrush!—is another breeding ground for bacteria.

Bathroom Faucet Handles

9% was found in faucet handles, which you contact before and after cleansing your hands and face. Furthermore, mold and yeast were found in 27% of faucet handles, while staph was found in 5%.

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