10 Stylish Wedge Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60

Retro Wedge: 

Style your wedge haircut retro-style for glamour and nostalgia.

Classy Wedge

For a trendy look, side part and straighten your wedge.

Feather Wedge:

Feathered layers add femininity to your wedge haircut.

Side Bangs

Add side bangs to your wedge haircut for versatility and flattery.

Messy Wedge: 

Make your wedge haircut untidy and ruffled for a laid-back look.

The Red Wedge: 

Bold red accents or highlights can liven up your wedge.

Short Undercut Wedge: 

For an edgy look, pair a short wedge with an undercut.

Bob Wedge Layers: 

Layered bob-style wedge haircuts give texture and movement.

Crown-volume wedge: 

Add volume to your wedge haircut's top for appeal.

Elegant Wedge: 

A clean, precise cut gives your wedge a stylish look.

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