How To Connect Airpods To PS5 Without Adapter?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has introduced a new level of gaming immersion to players worldwide, and many gamers are eager to use AirPods for a wireless audio experience. While the PS5 does not inherently support Bluetooth audio devices such as AirPods, connecting them without an adapter is still possible. 

The ability to seamlessly connect your AirPods to your PS5 can enhance your gaming experience by providing you with wire-free, high-quality audio. 

In this article, we will demonstrate how to connect AirPods to your PS5 without the need for an adapter, allowing you to enjoy your games with immersive audio.

Can You Connect AirPods To PS5 Without Adapter?

Without an adapter, the PS5 does not natively support Bluetooth audio devices like AirPods. While you cannot connect AirPods directly to the PS5, you can use a Bluetooth audio adapter that connects to the PS5’s USB port to enable wireless audio. 

Compatibility and features may alter with software updates, so it is advisable to consult the most recent information from Sony or PS5 support. 

Alternatively, you can use wired headphones with a compatible PS5 controller with a 3.5mm headphone port or invest in gaming headsets designed for the PS5.

How To Connect Airpods To PS5 Without Adapter?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) does not inherently support Bluetooth audio for connecting wireless headphones such as AirPods. However, you can still connect your AirPods to the PS5 using a wired connection or a third-party adapter as a workaround. Consider that modifications or updates may have occurred since my last update. Here are the steps:

Using a Wired Connection:

  • Get a 3.5mm Lightning Cable:
    • Purchase a 3.5mm Lightning cable or adapter if you don’t have one.
  • Connect the AirPods to the Controller:
    • Insert the 3.5mm end of the cable into the 3.5mm port on the PS5 controller.
    • Connect the Lightning end of the cable to the charging case for your AirPods.
  • Adjust Audio Settings on PS5:
    • On your PlayStation 5, navigate to “Settings” > “Sound” > “Audio Output.”
    • Depending on your preference, change “Output to Headphones” to “All Audio” or “Chat Audio.”

Using a Third-Party Adapter:

  • Purchase a Bluetooth Audio Adapter:
    • A number of third-party Bluetooth audio adapters are compatible with gaming consoles such as the PS5. Choose one that is compatible with the PS5 system.
  • Connect the Adapter:
    • Connect the Bluetooth audio adapter to one of the PS5’s available USB interfaces.
  • Pair the AirPods with the Adapter:
    • Connect your AirPods by following the pairing instructions provided with your Bluetooth audio adapter.
  • Adjust Audio Settings on PS5:
    • Adjust the PS5’s audio output parameters similarly to a wired connection to route audio to the connected Bluetooth audio adapter.

Remember that using these methods may result in audio latency, which can negatively impact your gaming experience, especially when playing games requiring precise synchronization. 

In addition, the audio quality may vary based on the quality of the cable, adapter, or Bluetooth audio adapter you employ. To guarantee compatibility and safety, you should always use products from reputable manufacturers.

Why Won’t My AirPods Connect To PS5?

AirPods cannot connect directly to a PS5, as the PS5 does not inherently support Bluetooth audio devices. To enable wireless audio with AirPods on the PS5, a compatible Bluetooth audio adapter that interfaces to its USB port is required.

Check that your adapter is adequately connected and that the AirPods are in pairing mode if you are experiencing connectivity issues. Remember that software updates and changes in compatibility may impact functionality. 

For the most recent information and troubleshooting instructions, consult the adapter’s manual and Sony’s official support resources.

Bottom Line

This was all about how to connect AirPods to PS5 without Adapter. Using your TV’s Bluetooth capabilities as an intermediary to connect AirPods to your PS5 without an adaptor. You can get wireless audio without additional hardware by pairing your AirPods with your TV and then routing audio from the PS5 to the TV. 

Keep in mind that the audio quality and simplicity of connection may vary depending on the capabilities of your TV. 

Thank you for reading!

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