How To Cancel Spotify Premium Free Trial?

Spotify Premium provides consumers with ad-free listening, offline downloads, and higher audio quality for music streaming. However, circumstances can change, and you may find yourself in a position where you need to terminate your Spotify Premium free trial before it becomes a paid subscription. So, how to cancel spotify premium free trial?

Canceling a trial may appear intimidating, but the procedure is straightforward and intuitive. Whether you’ve determined that the premium features don’t meet your requirements or you want to explore other options, you must know how to terminate your trial to avoid being charged unexpectedly. 

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Can I Cancel Spotify Premium During The Free Trial?

You are free to terminate your Spotify Premium subscription at any time during the free trial period without incurring any further fees. Simply start the cancellation process before the expiration of the trial period, and all of your Premium advantages will be terminated without any additional charges.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium Free Trial?

To terminate your free trial of Spotify Premium, follow these steps:

On a Computer:

  • Visit the Spotify Website: Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to to access the official Spotify website.
  • Log In to Your Account: Click the “Log In” link in the upper-right corner of the website. To access your account, enter your Spotify account credentials (username/email and password).
  • Go to Account Settings: Click the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen after logging in. An expandable menu will appear. Choose “Account” from the main menu.
  • Navigate to Subscription Settings: In the overview of your account, there is a section designated “Subscription.” Here, you will find information regarding your current subscription status, as well as your free trial.
  • Manage Your Subscription: You will see a “Change or Cancel” button next to your active subscription. Select this option to continue.
  • Cancel Premium: On the page for managing your subscription, you will discover information about your Premium subscription, including the trial’s expiration date. To initiate the cancellation procedure, click the “Cancel Premium” button.

On a Mobile Device: 

  • Open the Spotify App: Launch the Spotify mobile application on your device. Ensure that you are logged in with the account that is using the Premium free trial.
  • Access Your Profile: To return to the app’s home interface, tap “Home” at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap the icon for your profile in the upper-right corner.
  • Navigate to Account Settings: In the overview of your profile, there is a “Settings” (or “Account” in some versions) option. This link provides access to your account preferences.
  • Manage Your Subscription: Look for a section in your account settings related to your subscription. You will discover details regarding your Premium subscription and trial period.
  • Cancel Premium: You’ll be taken to a page where you can manage your subscription settings if you tap on your active subscription information. Here, you will find the option “Cancel Premium.” Select this option to begin the cancellation procedure.

Why Is There No Option To Cancel Spotify Premium?

If you cannot locate the option to terminate Spotify Premium, there may be several causes:

  • During the trial period, cancellation options may not be immediately visible.
  • Verify that you are enrolled in the correct Spotify account that has a Premium subscription.
  • If you subscribed through a third-party service, you may be required to deactivate through that platform.
  • Verify that you are utilizing the most recent version of the app, as interface options can alter.

Try accessing your account settings from a variety of devices or browsers. If problems persist, please contact Spotify Support.

How Long Is The Free Trial For Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium usually offers a 30-day free trial. This trial allows users to access Premium features such as ad-free listening, offline downloading, and improved sound quality. If you cancel before the trial expires, your subscription will be converted to a paid Premium subscription. 

Remember that trial periods may vary depending on promotions or region-specific offerings. When signing up for a trial, it is best to read the terms and conditions to ensure accurate information regarding the trial duration.

Bottom Line

This was all about how to cancel spotify premium free trial. You can easily cancel your Spotify Premium free trial by navigating to your account settings and following a few straightforward steps. Keep in mind that canceling your trial before the end date ensures that you will not be charged when the free period ends and the trial becomes a paid subscription.

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