Costco Just Launched the Ideal Fall Loaf at the Bakery

If you are already putting together mouthwatering and flavorful dishes for the next fall season, then you unquestionably need to have a look at what Costco has just introduced in their much-loved bakery section.

There is a possibility that you will find some Kirkland Chili Cornbread there. Cornbread baked in-house at Costco? You read that right!

Along with a video that displayed the eye-catching product, the Costco Buys Instagram account captioned the post with the words “Green Chile Cornbread is NEW at Costco.”

This flavorful cornbread has a touch of heat because to the addition of green chiles; it’s a traditional dish with a twist! It was great for us! Only $6.99!”

Whether or not you think it’s hot depends entirely on your own unique preferences and how well you can handle heat.

People who follow Costco Hot Finds on social media were given a sneak peek at the cornbread and were informed in a video that “it’s not spicy at all, but does have a delicious, buttery slightly sweet flavor.”

“In all honesty, it’s quite delicious! It has a lot of taste and is not dry at all. “I finished a whole one,” a pleased patron said as part of their review on Instagram, where they also shared a photo of themselves.

Another customer who enjoyed the product offered some insight into what others can anticipate, stating that the bread has “a mild green chili taste with a buttery hint of sweet cornbread and corn dust top,” describing its flavor profile as “really, really good.”

“We bought one and tried it—it’s a soft, cake-like texture—more bread-ish than a traditional cornbread but the flavor was pretty good,” wrote Cost Contessa, who also seems to be a fan of the bakery item. “We bought one and tried it—it’s a soft, cake-like texture,” she added.

To be fair, she did mention one thing that she would modify, noting, “We could do without the extra cornmeal on top (which also looks artificially bright yellow and unappealing imo),” but other than that, she thought that it was a good dish overall.

Regarding how you would wish to consume it, a fan of cornbread stated that they “would probably freeze it for fall chili.” This offers one suggestion. One other person suggested having it “with the hot honey.”Yum and yum!”

Yet another consumer at Costco offered the following suggestion: “Little butter [and] fresh shredded cheddar in the toaster oven.” They further stated, “Fried [an] egg with bell peppers [and] onion sprinkled on top and a drizzle of Tapatio.”

We would also give it a shot with a delicious BBQ when the summer comes to an end, with hearty stews and soups when the temperature drops, and with some cheese, whether a little or a lot, pretty much any time of the year.

If you are a fan of cornbread and this has aroused your attention, then you should go to the bakery at your local Costco and inquire about their mouthwatering green chile cornbread. The item number at Costco is 1719750, in case they need a little bit of assistance.

Even if it is not currently possible to place an order for same-day delivery of the bread at the time of this writing, you may always pick up a few loaves whenever they become available in your region. After eating one or two of the loaves immediately, you can freeze the remaining loaves so that they are prepared for a pleasant food-filled autumn.

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