Costco Is Selling One of the World’s Best-Quality Steaks

When it comes to high-quality burgers, Wagyu is the “it girl.” The deeply marbled protein is said to be tender and have a lot of taste. If you’ve ever had it at a restaurant, it was probably the most expensive thing on the menu. Business Insider said that Wagyu beef is so expensive that it can fetch as much as $200 a pound.

For meat lovers interested in Wagyu who can handle the high price, all they have to do is go to the high-end restaurant or Costco warehouse closest to them and try it.

The pricey meat is sometimes sold at the popular members-only club, and customers at Costco have been saying for a few days now that it’s back in stock. Yesterday, a member posted a picture on Reddit of Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks that were packed, but they didn’t say which warehouse had them.

Late last week, another customer went on Reddit to share a picture of a big A5 Wagyu boneless beef steak they had seen. They didn’t say where they saw the meat, though. The steak cost $59.99 a pound, which is a lot of money when you consider that the almost three-pound cut cost $178.77. However, $59.99 per pound is a huge discount from the $200 that the beef could have cost.

The Japanese cows that produce Wagyu beef are not your normal cows, which is why the beef is so expensive. The American Wagyu Association says that the type was bred to have more fat cells inside the muscles. There are people who say that the special fat in these steaks can melt in your mouth. The Japanese government has strict rules about what can and can’t be called Wagyu. A5 is the best quality grade that can be given to beef.

But the cut of meat seems to be as controversial as it is unique. Some customers said they couldn’t understand why Costco should charge so much for Wagyu now that it’s back on the shelves.

“I would never spend this much on beef,” one Reddit user said.

People also have different opinions about what it’s like to eat Wagyu. Others at Costco said they don’t like the very fatty cut of meat, while others raved about the rich protein.

“Wagyu has always seemed way too expensive to me.” It has a lot of fat in it. A customer wrote, “I don’t mind a little fat, but Wagyu has way too much for my taste.”

As with all Costco items, prices and stock may change based on where you live. That being said, some members have been successful in getting their local warehouse to stock certain things when customers are dying to try Wagyu beef but can’t find it anywhere.


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