9 Best Pets To Own For Frequent Travelers

For avid travelers, the desire to explore the world often clashes with the responsibilities of pet ownership. However, not all pets are high-maintenance or unsuitable for a jet-setting lifestyle. If you’re a frequent traveler looking for a furry or feathered companion to join your adventures, consider these nine best pets that harmonize well with a life on the move.

**1. Cats: Independent Travel Buddies

Overview: Cats are renowned for their independence, making them ideal companions for frequent travelers. They adapt well to different environments and are generally content to stay indoors, requiring minimal supervision.


  • Arrange for a reliable cat sitter or use a reputable pet-sitting service when away.
  • Ensure your cat is comfortable with a portable carrier for travel.

**2. Small Dogs: Portable Pals for Adventure

Overview: Certain small dog breeds are well-suited for travel, fitting comfortably into carriers and enjoying the excitement of new places. Their size makes them manageable, whether in a cozy apartment or a hotel room.


  • Choose breeds like Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, or Dachshunds for their travel-friendly size.
  • Prioritize socialization to ensure they remain comfortable in various environments.

**3. Fish: Tranquil Companions at Home

Overview: Aquatic pets, such as fish, are low-maintenance and don’t require constant attention. With the right setup, fish tanks can create a serene atmosphere at home while you’re away.


  • Invest in a reliable automatic feeder for extended travel periods.
  • Choose hardy fish species that can thrive in a stable environment.

**4. Guinea Pigs: Compact and Social

Overview: Guinea pigs are compact, sociable creatures that can be easily accommodated in small living spaces. They form strong bonds with their owners, making them delightful companions.


  • Arrange for a caregiver to ensure they receive fresh food, water, and social interaction.
  • Guinea pigs are adaptable to travel if provided a secure and comfortable carrier.

**5. Birds: Feathered Friends on the Go

Overview: Certain bird species, like parakeets or cockatiels, are relatively small and adaptable, making them suitable for travel. They can be trained to interact with various environments and enjoy perching on your shoulder during adventures.


  • Invest in a travel-friendly cage and harness for outdoor excursions.
  • Provide mental stimulation through toys and social interaction.

**6. Rabbits: Apartment-Friendly Companions

Overview: Rabbits are not only adorable but also well-suited for apartment living. They can be litter-trained and often form strong bonds with their owners.


  • Ensure a safe and secure enclosure, especially in unfamiliar environments.
  • Establish a consistent routine to minimize stress during travels.

**7. Turtles: Slow and Steady Travel Partners

Overview: Turtles are low-maintenance and can adapt to a variety of habitats. They don’t demand constant attention, making them suitable for those who travel frequently.


  • Invest in a spacious and secure enclosure with proper heating and lighting.
  • Arrange for a caregiver to monitor their well-being in your absence.

**8. Hamsters: Portable and Low-Maintenance

Overview: Hamsters are small, nocturnal pets that are easily portable and require minimal care. Their compact size makes them ideal for those with limited space.


  • Provide a well-ventilated carrier for travel.
  • Ensure a consistent sleep schedule, as hamsters are nocturnal.

**9. Reptiles: Quiet Companions for Adventure

Overview: Reptiles, such as snakes or bearded dragons, can be excellent companions for travelers who appreciate unique and low-maintenance pets. They are relatively independent and don’t require constant attention.


  • Invest in a secure and appropriately sized enclosure.
  • Arrange for a knowledgeable caregiver to monitor their specific needs.

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Travel Companion

Frequent travel doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the joy of pet ownership. By choosing the right pet that aligns with your lifestyle, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – exploring new destinations and returning home to the companionship of a furry or feathery friend. Each of these pets offers a unique charm and adaptability, allowing you to create lasting memories together on your adventures. Before bringing a pet into your life, consider your travel schedule, living arrangements, and the specific needs of the pet to ensure a harmonious and fulfilling companionship.

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