10 Boomer Pastimes That Leave Younger Generations Puzzled

In the ever-evolving landscape of hobbies and pastimes, there exists a fascinating chasm between the activities favored by the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) and those preferred by younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z.

This blog delves into ten classic Boomer pastimes that often leave younger folks scratching their heads, wondering what the allure could possibly be.

These activities not only highlight generational differences but also serve as a nostalgic window into the past.

1. Collecting Stamps or Coins

Once a widely popular hobby, stamp and coin collecting involves gathering and organizing postage stamps and currency from different countries and eras.

To younger generations, who live in a digital world where physical mail and cash are becoming obsolete, this hobby can seem perplexingly outdated.

2. Listening to Shortwave Radio

Shortwave radio, which can pick up international radio signals, was a favorite pastime for Boomers, offering a connection to distant lands. Today,

with the internet providing instant global connectivity, tuning into a shortwave radio seems like a relic of a bygone era.

3. Ballroom Dancing

While still appreciated by some, ballroom dancing was far more mainstream among Boomers.

This structured style of dance, often seen as formal and rigid, contrasts starkly with the freestyle, individualistic approach favored by younger dancers.

4. Bridge Clubs

Playing bridge, a complex card game, was a common social activity for Boomers. Bridge clubs were where people gathered to play and socialize.

However, with the rise of online gaming, this strategic card game has largely fallen out of favor with the younger crowd.

5. Knitting and Crocheting

Although experiencing a minor resurgence recently, knitting and crocheting were once staple activities, especially among Boomer women.

These crafts are often viewed by the younger generation as quaint and time-consuming.

6. Watching Black-and-White Films

Boomers often have a deep appreciation for classic black-and-white films, which can be puzzling to younger generations accustomed to high-definition color and advanced CGI effects.

7. Reading Print Newspapers

The ritual of reading a physical newspaper every morning is quintessentially Boomer.

In an age of digital news, the idea of reading print media can seem both quaint and cumbersome to those who grew up with smartphones.

8. Using Film Cameras

In the digital age, the use of film cameras is a concept that fascinates and bewilders many young people.

Boomers’ nostalgia for the process and anticipation of developing film is lost on a generation used to instant photo viewing.

9. Making Mixtapes

Creating mixtapes on cassettes was a labor of love for many Boomers. This painstaking process is a far cry from the modern convenience of creating playlists online, making it a largely incomprehensible pastime to younger ears.

10. Catalog Shopping

Before the dawn of online shopping, Boomers often shopped through catalogs, meticulously flipping through pages to find items to order by phone or mail.

This slow-paced shopping is often incomprehensible to the instant gratification generation.


These ten Boomer pastimes provide a glimpse into a world that predates the digital revolution.

While they may seem puzzling to younger generations, they offer a rich tapestry of hobbies that shaped the lives and cultures of an entire generation.

Understanding these activities can bridge the gap between generations, fostering a deeper appreciation of the diverse ways in which people find enjoyment and connection in their lives.

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